Conference Venues Canberra and ACT

The Commonwealth of Australia,(often referred to as the "Bush capital" because of it surrounding flora and fauna, is certainly a national contender for the conference facilities and events market. The ACT is tucked comfortably into the side of NSW, and although small in size, the ACT is home to a very important city -the Nations Capital; Canberra. A balanced mix of nature and industry; the ACT boats 53 per cent of its land as nature park or reserve, whilst the Capital Canberra is a home to Parliament house, the high courts of Australia and numerous government departments and agencies. Canberra's name is thought to mean 'meeting place', derived from the Aboriginal word Kamberra is very relevant- Canberra's Conference centres and conferencing facilities are state of the art, the accommodation is varied, ranging from world class 5 star properties, through to properties designed with business and basics in mind. Canberra conference venues are sure to exceed your level of expectation.

Canberra has a unique history when compared with other capital cities in Australia - being an entirely purpose built city, Canberra was planned to incorporate the surrounding nature and the urban demands of its inhabitants. Because of this foresight - this distinguished city boasts exceptional planning, infrastructure and facilities that are accessible not only to the government for which it was designed, but also to the public sector and its conferencing and events requirements.

Though Canberra was built with business in mind, its surrounds are far from "stuffy" Known for its lovely leafy streets and manicured gardens. Canberra is also a great base to explore regions such as the Snowy Mountains, Mount Kosciuszko National Park, and of course some of the best skiing in Australia at Perisher Blue, Thredbo and Selwyn Snowfields. Canberra is a "well oiled" conference venues and meeting destination with an outlook that has been designed to enjoy.


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